• Hajj and Legacy of a Mother

    Hajj is all about taking rituals the ways too seriously because it is a tradition, culture, affection, delight harmony and spiritual emotions. These all are bind together. So, when you choose Hajj Packages Deals just keep in mind that efforts of a mother were once answered through one of its rituals. Her prayers were responded by Allah because there was sincerity in her effort, desperation of a mother whose child was crying with the thirst. And not only affection of mother but there was her trust on Allah, that belief which makes a miracle of Zamzam to happen.


    It started from the command of Allah to Ibrahim about leaving his son and wife in a barren valley where there was nothing to survive. When Ibrahim started leaving them, Hajar asked various times that where was he going leaving them at a place like this but he never looked back. She somehow understood that he was following the commands of Allah. In the middle of the desert, a sun was shining at its full and both mother and son were out of the food and water. Ismail (AS) started crying with the thirst, Hajar looked everywhere but there were no signs of life. She started climbing the mounts of Safa and Marwa. Her desperation as a mother and trust on Allah as a loyal servant was the most amazing emotion. She knew that if Allah has commanded this then there would be a better plan for it too. Out of her desperation when a child cried out loud than before and his feet hit the earth, a fountain of Zamzam sprinkled out. Hajar was grateful to Allah for this and they both drank for a full. Now this whole plan was to start a life in that city of Makkah, before it was just a barren valley, a pass through route for tourists but then gradually people started living there. With the passage of time city was established completely. Then with Allah’s command Kaaba was re-built many times. Prophet (PBUH) was born in the city and Islam was raise from the cradle of Makkah.


    Al Hijaz Tours wants you to enjoy the legacy of a mother and feel those efforts deeply. Choose any of the Hajj Umrah Deals with us and get best of the services.


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